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Master Planning

Design Realm - architects in chennai, has been providing clients with innovative and effective solutions , We work closely with the client to analyze opportunities and challenges related to a site or space, identify wide-ranging options, and refine cost-effective, high-functioning, realistic solutions.We understand that the success of any project lies in the relationship between client and architect, and therefore we adopt a collaborative, balanced and integrated approach.

We consider all the key design of each project including cost, programme, life cycle and environmental issues. Since we do not restrict our services to a few market sectors, we ensure our team has a high level of design experience in many building types. Our track record demonstrates the quality of our work.

The practice has won numerous high profile awards, both for the design and technical components of our services. By meeting the aspirations of our clients, we create buildings and spaces that relate well to their surroundings and provide end-users with flexibility of use.

Architectural Design

Architecture is one of our core services that we provide to our clients. We believe that design should do more than just look good, we create environments that are as functional as they are beautiful, we work to maximize both your vision and budget. We offer professional architectural design services as per the latest trends and with assurance of best space management and positive energy.


Design at the intersection of performance and human experience. we look at the power of design to transform culture itself—the social behavior in education institutions and offices, as well as the way we spend our precious leisure time. In each case, the goal is to bring people together and to enhance the way we work, play, learn, and get healthy in our communities.

We believe that design should do more than just look good, we create environments that are as functional as they are beautiful, we work to maximize both your vision and budget. People tell us that they love working in Chamberlain buildings, not only because the light, bright airy environments inspire productivity, but because the efficiently designed floor plans make their work flow easily.Our team is your most valuable resource so we design the kind of spaces where talented people love to work. We create the environments that support your vision.

Our services include:

  • Design Development
  • Conceptual and schematic design
  • Construction execution and documentation
  • Contractor bidding
  • Contract Administration
  • Project management
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Interior Design

Modern life confines us indoors for most of the day, either at a workplace or residence. The environment we are in has a direct relation to our mood and our productivity and well-being. Design Realm - architects in chennai, Interior Design helps elevate the ambiance of our enclosed spaces and helps create environments that can engage us, excite us and keep us motivated, relaxed, alert, creative and calm according to our needs and space. Design Realm is committed to creating the best in class interior spaces in Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Health care, Wellness and Residential spaces.


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Our Interior design team has over 10 years' experience in Corporate, retail and residential design and is committed to providing our clients with bespoke and well-crafted spaces to suit their needs.Interiors are constantly changing, and we recognize that effective design depends on innovative and fresh ideas. Through intelligent planning and creative problem-solving, we design spaces for both beauty and performance.

Who we are

Design Realm offers creative and intelligent solutions. We provide attention to every detail and conceive spaces that satisfy our clients needs for aesthetics, safety and functionality. We execute, manage and implement the plan professionally and stick to deadlines.

Our services include:

  • Design and Layout
  • Space planning
  • Interior specifications
  • Interior decor and accessorizing
  • Exterior Designs

Landscape Design

We approach landscape design as an opportunity to make connections between people, between people and nature, between indoors and outdoors, between old and new. It's an opportunity to connect landscape with performance, to create beautiful places that protect the environment while making development useful. Through landscape, we emphasize community-building, sustainable design, rigorous collaboration, and design excellence. This process leads to creative, meaningful landscapes that benefit both our clients and the public at large.

We strive hard to create beautiful places that protect the environment while making development useful. Design Realm works towards creative, meaningful landscapes that benefit both our clients and the public at large.

Our services include:

  • Site feasibility and yield studies
  • High performance site planning
  • Land development approvals
  • Waterfront design
  • Park and playground design
  • Complete streets, streetscape design, and traffic calming

Our services include:

  • Landscape planting and irrigation design
  • Landscape restoration design
  • Rooftop garden design
  • Site lighting design
  • Water feature design
  • Community outreach
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Project Management

We use internationally recognised project management frameworks and processes as part of our quality management system for the management and control of all our projects

Our services include:

  • Preparation of bill of quantities (project architects scope)
  • Short listing vendors
  • Verifying of tender document (preparation & project architects scope)
  • Pre-bid meeting
  • Analysis of quotes / tenders
  • Preparing comparative statement
  • Negotiation
  • Letter of recommendation and tender report
  • Preparation of project schedule

Front Elevation Service

The front elevation shows you a straight or front view of the house. It is also called “entry elevation”. Front Elevation Design is one of the considerable elements that architects use when planning the layout and style of a house. Our front elevation design ideas will help you to imagine a clear picture of different types of house plans. We at Design Realm provide Front Elevation Service. Design Realm offers elevation design such as modern elevation design, current elevation design, traditional elevation design, villa elevation design, and bungalow elevation design. Our team is capable of designing best front elevation as per our client’s requirement and architecture feasibility. The services are carried out by our skilled personnel who are well aware of various front elevation techniques. Furthermore, we ensure that the services are highly acknowledged for their quality and timely delivery. Our valuable clients can avail these services from us at affordable prices.

Turnkey contracting

Design Realm offers turn-key interior contracting for all types of projects. We undertake and execute all kinds of interior projects for commercial, institutional, industrial spaces and residences, banks, shops, showrooms, hospitality-related, etc. We strive hard for our client’s satisfaction and execute projects efficiently and punctually.

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